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The REMCREAD project at a glance

The REMCREAD project is dedicated to fostering the empowerment of refugee and migrant women by providing them with training, mentoring, and networking opportunities. This initiative is designed to support their journey towards sustainability and self-fulfillment. Through the innovative workshop phase of the project, participants will have the chance to conceive and develop projects across diverse sectors including food, fashion, and technology. Utilizing creative methodologies, these workshops will serve as a platform for these women to articulate their unique voices and display their abilities and talents, contributing to the rich tapestry of the European Union.

Vector image of two women in a creative workshop making pottery

Innovative and Creative Workshops

Four women standing holding creations they made

Capacity Building and Pilot Training

Two women in a computer training session with a teacher

Digital Training Workshops

People looking at paintings on a digital wall

Digital Expositions and Multiplier Events


Abstract Shapes


The consortium comprises seasoned partners, each contributing a rich tapestry of diverse yet harmonizing expertise to the project. Selected for their proven track record in previous endeavours, they possess pertinent skills and competencies aligned with the project's specific requirements and objectives.

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